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Investment Land in Bulgaria
Investment Land in Bulgaria

  "Guaranteed Income" Investment

At Eurolink Finance we are so confident in our investment strategy that we are happy to guarantee you, an exceptional rate of return on your hard earned, invested capital of up to 8%.

Our Guaranteed Income Investment service can be tailor made to suite your personal situation which is always at the heart of any decision you make.

How does this work?

If you are a single investor willing to invest a minimum of ˆ10,000 with us for 12 months, then we can guarantee you up to 8% return on your capital and your initial investment back of course, on first request at the end of the 12 month period.

After the first 12 months is complete you can either:

  1. re-invest your initial capital for a further 12 months and take the growth off
  2. re-invest your initial capital and the growth for a further 12 months or
  3. take your capital and growth back.

What do we do with your money?

First of all you must set up a limited company in Bulgaria (a legal entity) which allows you the right to purchase land or property within the territory of Bulgaria. The money you give us will then be used by us to purchase a suitable plot of investment land on your behalf, which will be registered to your company’s name and become the undisputed property of the company you have formed.

Your company then authorizes the Eurolink Group (see “about us”) with an Irrevocable Letter of Instruction (ILI) to sell the land, on to any third party under the condition that upon transfer of ownership, Eurolink Finance transfers into a bank account of your choice, the sum invested (initial purchase price of the investment land) plus the growth that we have guaranteed you by contract. Any amount over and above this will be to the benefit and account of Eurolink Group.

If Eurolink Group fails to or chooses not to sell your investment land then it is obliged, on the maturity date of your policy (365th day after initial investment) to pay your company the guaranteed growth and initial investment, and release your company from the obligations contained in the Irrevocable Letter of Instruction.

ALL your interests are absolutely and un-disputably safe guarded as your company is the free hold owner of the investment land. The profit is guaranteed by contract and in writing by Eurolink Group and Eurolink Finance.

The same conditions apply for investment groups of up to 20 people who wish to pool small amounts of money together to form a bigger investment fund (see Investment Funds). On re-sale of the investment land the profit would be returned as a proportion of each person’s initial investment into the investment fund. A limited company would be formed with every member of the investment group being a share holder as a percentage of how much capital they have invested.

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