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Investment Land in Bulgaria
Investment Land in Bulgaria

  Investment Financing

What is your investment goal? Preserving your capital? Generating income? Paying for your child’s future? Saving for retirement or simply putting money away for a rainy day? We believe one is just as important as the other which is why we provide an investment financing service to make your money go further and let you reap the benefits of an even bigger pot of gold.

How does it work?

Any investment firm will tell you where they think the best place to put your money is.

In our experience we know that it is in land, after all - “It’s the only thing you can not destroy!” Historical yearly rates of return can be as high as 125% and have averaged 68% per annum for the past 3-4 years. Demand for land has increased by an average of 32% per annum for the same period. Expectations are for this level of growth to last for at least another 5 years, so how can you afford not to invest in something that can never be destroyed?

Our investment financing plan, gives you up to 50% of the capital needed to purchase your investment land, then asks very little in return.

We charge a fixed rate management fee on your loan of 7.5%, which can either be paid back to us every month, annually or at the end of your investment loan term in full*.

We recover our initial loan at the end of the term and our commission fee is 10% of the re-sale profit you have made on the investment land.

* If interest is paid as a one off payment at the end of the loan term, this will be a compounded interest rate and will increase the value of your final interest payment to us.

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