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Investment Land in Bulgaria
Investment Land in Bulgaria

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Eurolink Finance mutual funds are an excellent choice for those who wish to start investing but do not have large amounts of capital to work with, or who want to take a hands-off approach and let a professional make all the decisions.

Mutual funds are basically large funds operated by investment companies, and pool money from many different people to then invest according to a certain goal for the fund which can be as diverse or as narrow a field as desired. In the case of Eurolink Finance this is in the form of either investment property or investment land, which from our extensive experience in this area, we know will create substantial return on investment.

Our mutual fund allows a single person with less than generous assets to invest in a bigger pot of gold, and also removes the burden of researching market conditions and constantly adjusting investments accordingly.

Our fund management fee is a simple 20% of the gross profit that has been generated when you remove your money out of the fund.

If you have a minimum investment of 5000 and wish to be part of our Mutual land and Property fund then please get in contact with us for further details.

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